Swedish study finds Autism risk in Immigrants’ offspring

As a side note: Thinking back, I remember a research study that found that those who had “bad oral health” also had “bad heart health”. These expert researchers told us that the chemicals (bacteria) in the mouths of people with bad oral health would be ingested and lead to lousy heart health!  Someone who doesn’tContinue reading “Swedish study finds Autism risk in Immigrants’ offspring”

Vaccines do not cause Autism – My Take on MMR

I look to convince you away from believing that vaccines are a cause of Autism. There is a epidemic of migration in modern times, so this epidemic of Autism has also arisen in modern times. That makes perfect sense to me. What is an epidemic? A flu epidemic, for example, is a widespread occurrence ofContinue reading “Vaccines do not cause Autism – My Take on MMR”

Amish and Autism – Why no Autism among Amish?

Ethnically analysing the Amish people in North America; clearly, we view groupings (tribes) of closely bred (interbred) Nordic peoples (Whites). There are zero cases of autism among the Amish when compared to the rest of White America; there should be! This is a very interesting fact. We hypothesise that heavy interbreeding among Nordic people hasContinue reading “Amish and Autism – Why no Autism among Amish?”

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